sharing your joy.

In a world where so much is happening at a really fast pace, so much happiness being created, so much laughter and joy—we tend to forget the amount of sadness, frustration and stress that’s being created as well.

I’d like to start out today’s post by this topic because of a incident that’s pretty near to my heart since I’m a foodie. Where I come from, we have this amazing soup called ‘Soto Betawi’, and I’m a huge fan of it. I usually buy it from my local market, Pasar Santa. It’s currently being renovated, with trendier stores and it’s whole image is being transformed to attract more teens. This means that there are a lot of people happy with this change, more renovations, colder air conditioners…

But there are a lot of merchants affected by this ‘change’. They will eventually get kicked out of the place, forcing them to move somewhere else to find another source of income.

In my case, the Soto seller is moving in a week. He really has no where left to go, living in this city is simply way too expensive for him. This honestly breaks my heart, especially since I’m one of the people who was glad for the renovation.

I wasn’t aware of the amount of sadness happening around me.

Which brings us to the topic, sharing our happiness!

Why should we do it?

  1. Because the world is filled with sadness! Sharing a bit couldn’t help right?
  2. Happiness is a luxury to some people. Some people are just way too caught up to realize how valuable happiness is.
  3. Sharing happiness will make you happy as well. Doesn’t it make you glad when you cheer someone up?

  • Happiness can be shared in different ways, normally its giving a material object with a note saying something that will make the person smile.

Things like…

‘Hey, you’re an awesome person! Keep it up!’

‘Rocking that hair style, dude!’

  • The next way could be by appreciating them with your actions! By doing something extreme for them!

I’m planning to visit the Soto seller this week before he leaves, and to tell him how much I love his cooking.

I know the things I listed are a bit lame, but these little actions can help spread happiness! The definition of spreading happiness, and sharing it, is the ability to make others happy.

(c) Nightrxy/Nightr4y (i own both) c:


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