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Nightrxy is a.. better way of Nightray? I have no idea. I’ve practically adapted to this username all the way to fanfiction!

I think I’m pretty shy, when I meet new people- or people who I don’t hang out with usually. The type of girls who spend money that doesn’t belong to them, ‘adding it on daddy’s card’ aren’t really the people I want to be spending my time with.

Is it weird that I like spending time with younger kids and older people compared to people my age? Other than my gay group of close friends of course. 

The conversations are different.

They actually have some value, compared to people who spend half their time on their phones when their friends are RIGHT in front of them!

Well , that’s me.

i guess.

Basically I’m here just to.. express a voice that isn’t usually heard. LOL #DEEP.


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