Moi school life;


It’s okay- I guess.

I really have no idea what I’m doing here but I guess my parents are paying for the education and how I socialize here? If I was honest, I’d rather not come here and spend 8 hours..? During the holiday, I didn’t go anywhere so I was going around with my parents (especially my mom) going to their business meetings and discussions with powerful people.

It was really fun- the people there were all so nice and it was really professional and the vibe was just…intense. It was amazing. I think I learned a lot more just going to those business meeting than staying here but that’s really not the purpose of this page am I right?

School keeps me competitive, and we learn a lot…………………………..yeah.

I meet my friends here and all, I get to laugh and hang out with people my age c: I’m glad that it keeps me working hard though, school just keeps me busy. Is it weird that I actually enjoy the subjects here? Chemistry, Physics and History honestly intrigue me. The people around me are a bit different, some are lazy, some are okay, some are really fun. That’s the great part about school- meeting different people and learning how to deal with them 🙂

I loooove interacting with the younger kids here. They’re all so sweet and nice ;-; . I’m just lucky since my I have sisters younger than me so I can meet with their friends and play.

The worst  fart, *PART would be that I feel extremely old when meeting them sigh- I mean… I’m going to be 14 this year! They’re all so short and insanely adorable. The old feeling just kinda gets to you.

The most important thing here is learning and character building. I feel pretty free here and I think that’s something weird- because since we’re in middle school shouldn’t we be acting more disciplined and mature? But we still have a lot of time to grow and improve, which is the reason why sometimes I end up laughing by myself. I’m sane. Totally.

I’m really glad and ecstatic that the people around me can make me smile and all. It’s a great blessing to be around them and I’m not only talking about the students, this school has those rare teachers that can make you laugh and feel at ease while still pushing us to be great students.

I think that the worst part of school is that you have some pressures.  And by meeting new people you can get misunderstood by some.

I’m not pointing fingers okay c:::::::

Not to mention favoritism but that’s human nature and I can’t argue with that.

I didn’t know if that satisfied your thirst about my school life.

It really isn’t something royal or fun but I think it’s enough.

But I’ll probably be writing more once I graduate and really tell you about the whole ride.


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