It’s an ADVENTURE. Not just a ‘holiday’.

“The photos will fade, but the memories will last forever.”

So, I’ll be talking about my trip. To Korea. This was the first time I’ve travelled with a tour agent. My family likes going to places on their own and exploring everything from the local people so the only reason we chose a travel agent…

was because we obviously couldn’t speak Korean.

The first time I’ve been stuck on a flying aircraft for more than 5 agonizing hours snuggled in blankets. But at least they had a TV. And earphones- There was so many first on this trip! I was so used to traveling with my family alone so it was very exciting.

“Explore the things in your country first! Then go out and see more different culture.”

– Mom/Dad

We were going in a big group! Around 17 people (considering the fact that my family had like 6 members including me). They were all from different backgrounds and had interesting stories to tell. Something I think a lot of kids and students in general here need to be exposed to- no offense. We’re way too stuck in our heads and on our gadgets, that we rarely see the little things the world has to offer.

(South) Korea.


^Gyeongbokgung (경복궁) Palace.

     This was the first spot where we rushed to right after landing in Incheon Airport(I was there when it was getting closer to the 2014 Incheon Asian Games so security was very tight). Gyeongbokgung was such a magnificent place for me since I’m kinda a history geek… not like those girls with ‘geek’ on their H&M or Colorbox shirt but literally a geek. The history of this one palace was literally so interesting. From the date it was build, to the feng shui that determined why it was such a good location. To the destruction that was caused by the Japanese army when they invaded the palace. You could practically feel the royal aura surrounding that place.

……….enough history or..?

    Oh did you know- I felt like a celebrity. I had two flights in a day. Right after leaving Geyongbokgung I had to board another plane heading to Jeju Island- how cool is that?


^Symbol of Jeju Province (제주도), called dol hareubang (돌 하르방)

    This is Jeju Island and may I add, one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. Must I add that the scenery was breathtaking. On Jeju Island, I visited the awesome National Folk Museum, which showed the history of Korea. I learned that they had tradition to perform the curing with a enchantress? It was just a magnificent place I could vividly remember. The museum was located in an area surrounded by a park. You could see that it was well taken care of and people came there to enjoy themselves, there were kids running around and couples there holding hands and taking selfies. The jomblo life is the sad life but we’re all still way to young for that so. Yeah.


^ Dragon’s head stone or Yongduam Rock(용두암)

  We had an opportunity to visit the Dragon’s head stone or Yongduam Rock(용두암) the stone itself was a meh, but it had an interesting story. One legend has it that a serpent was caught stealing precious jade from Mt. Halla (in order to become a dragon) was shot down by an arrow from the mountain deity. When he fell down on Yongduam, his body immediately sank into the ocean and his head rapidly froze looking at the sky. Guess you could learn a lot from this- not to steal or you’ll end up as a rock………….no.

teddy-bear-family^ These were actually in really small pots decorating the whole museum. See the detail?

    My mom is a teddy bear extremist. She absolutely loves teddy bears which is why we had to go the Teddy Bear Safari Museum. The craft put in to each bearwill amaze you. Whoever the artist, or which factory it was from, i assure you- they were breathtaking. Each detail from a sequin on the teddy bear’s clothing to the great backdrops.


^ The view from Seongsan Ilchulbong (성산 일출봉)…

Seongsan Ilchulbong (성산 일출봉) or Sunrise Peak. I can’t imagine how beautiful the sky would be if we had gotten there on time…but we didn’t. It is an archetypal tuff cone formed by hydrovolcanic eruptions upon a shallow seabed about 5 thousand years ago. It is extremely high and walking there exhausted all the strength that I had, thank God for the mini stop stand there. It would be a magnificent nature hike spot for a group of people if it wasn’t so hot! Even without reaching the top, the view itself was stunning. The camera that you used didn’t matter- it had its own natural alluring beauty that made you want to stay there despite it was burning for me.

Or was it the fact that I basically stunk at physical activities? I advise you to wear sport clothing during climbing up and wearing light sport shoes, and remember– you’re burning calories! 🙂

But what was strange is that I liked going to the folk village (Seopjikoji) more. I remembered that they had a unique way of closing their gates, using number of logs as symbols. And a story that almost all of us remembered very vividly. It was about how their toilets worked, it was located right above the area where they kept the pigs. So they were basically reusing their own poop as food.  You just learned something right there.


   I’m an extreme art freak. So I felt ecstatic when we were going to the Trick Art Museum in Jeju! Maybe we do have those here, but once you look at the pictures– they were very amusing to the whole crowd! My dad’s face on the photo up there was definitely a highlight!

   I’m going to be betting you think Aqua planets are lame. But they’re not. Jeju Aqua Planet was such a great blast for me and my sisters. The fishes had such a great variety of colors and it was a place full packed with fresh and raw information. If I could have taken down notes or something I would seem a lot smarter than I am now. And maybe- just maybe- impress my biology teacher.

20140929_073608^ Sorak means Bear in Korean. 

Mt. Sorak located in Soraksan Natural Park. An unforgettable gift from mother nature with views that I could never forget even if I wanted to. When I visited there, it was currently autumn so the leaves were all shedding away their chlorophyll. The leaves had varies of striking colors from magenta to yellow ocre. Mt.Sorak is a place where all the elders who were unfortunate to lose their siblings during the time where Korea was split into two prayed for the safety of their loved ones. Adding to the fact that at the age of 60+ they had superhuman bodies to be able to make it to the top. There was also a huge buddha statue there and we were given the chance to respect how other people show their faith.

 I personally think we enjoyed Nami Island the most. This island is famous for the extremely amazing Korean drama “Winter Sonata”. Tall trees to replicate the exact scenes from the movie, the same little snowman on the desk where the two protagonist were spending their date and of course, you have to replicate the famous pose. Which my parents did. A major throwback to their young age. A statue of Kang Joon Sang and Jeong Yoo Jin was placed in the middle of the island, perhaps to remind that there’s everlasting love. Or maybe just to attract tourist like me… Aside from the drama buzz, the air was fresh and I got a chance to try a special treat there- red bean steamed bun. It is very famous there and tasted delicious.

Namsan Tower was…romantic. Not for me though. Not yet! I was just shocked to see how much effort it took to get there, since you had to walk by foot and it was an uphill journey. Literally. Plus there was a picture of my bae Kim Soo Hyun there… ❤ The locks there gave a symbol, similiar to the bridge in Paris–unbroken love for all time.


Despite admitting that some type of girls annoy me, I had to shop there. HAD. Dongdaemun and Myeongdong were so packed with the young korean crowd who I realized were loaded with a lot of cash. A garment like a jacket or a skit would cost more than 200,000W!

So that was my Travel Journey.
How about yours?

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