Main Computer Components

CPU, Main Memory and Peripheral Devices

There are three main computer components which are :


-Main Memory

-Peripheral Devices

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

It is the brain of the computer and it carries out the instructions to make the computer function.

Example : Intel 


Main Memory

The Main memory stores all the processed data that is or was being processed by the computer.


There are two types of main memory :

  • ROM (Read Only Memory)
  • RAM (Random Access Memory)

The RAM is a more commonly used system, however it is volatile. Meaning that if the device is switched off, the contents will be missing.


^ ram

The ROM is a Read Only Memory, it is non-volatile, so if the device is lost, it’s content will be preserved, this is because it has a reboot program called biose.


Peripheral Devices

Peripheral Devices are objects that receive or send data in and out of the computer.


There are three types of Peripheral Devices : 

  • Input Device
  • Output Device
  • Backing Storage

The Input devices are things which send data to the computer from the real world. 

Examples are : Scanners, keyboards and bamboo tablets. 


The Output Devices are objects that send data from or out the computer. 

Examples are : Printers and Speakers.


Backing storage are devices that store data from the computer.

Examples are : USB’s and CD’s.

Word count : 220 words ( not including this line )

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