Life @ H O M E.

Life at home is an extremely glorious time after and before I go to school. I just have one problem– I’m overly attached to my laptop. Which is one of the reasons I don’t ask my parents for other gadgets because I know I’ll get attached into my own world with games and online books.

I just generally feel so happy at home, I get to play with my sisters and during holidays and we just snuggle on the couch with a thick blanket and watch a movie…the simple things life has to offer is awesome.

For students, most of our spare time- or any time is used on projects and assignments. And games (because we’re in the digital age and all jibberish insert here). It’s sad but true. Me and my sisters only spend about 1 hour watching and we spend the whoooole day doing tasks or practicing our fingers for piano. What sucks for me?

I spend too much time by myself when we have spare time.

I spend it calling my friends when I actually meet them every day, and I’m constantly surrounded by them for about….8 hours? And when I get home I spend all that time with them? Agaiiiiin?

I personally think a  lot of people do this, especially since we have Skype, Oovoo and all those social media. We end up spending time with them instead of our siblings and doing other activities such as swimming or exercising.

Well that ended up being a rant..


I think in general my family is rare, we somehow treat each other with mutual respect and sometimes- we all act as if we’re all the same age. Though we still highly respect our parents of course 🙂

We make jokes and enjoy ourselves because nobody is judging us at home. But sadly–most of the time, our time is spent in the same way. It’s as if our lives were scheduled to a clock that we’re using over and over again. We go home, do homework, sleep, eat. Then 8 hours of school.

Is that really the way we should spend our lives at home?

I disagree.

Which is why on the days that me and my sisters do have time–we go for a short bike ride, swim, cook or do the things we don’t usually do. I think this just brings the “it’s-the’little-things-in-life-that-make-it-life” sort of vibe, because once you look at it closely…life can be so much more than just eating, sleeping and doing homework.

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