My favorite. Movie. Of All tearjerking-ness.

sbm_1 This is definitely one of my favorite movies of all time. I did watch Doraemon when I was younger but it wasn’t really THAAAT big of a deal for me. Gah- This movie was perfection. No matter how old you are, it will certainly touch your heart. stand-by-me-doraemon-tayang-di-blitzmegaplex-10-desember-2014-7d96 I watched this movie with my whole family (including my dad and mom) who were actually DIEHARD fans! The plot itself, maybe to Doraemon fans weren’t that appealing(since they probably expected something new.) but it certainly brought back a lot of memories to them. They used scenes from different chapters- so there wasn’t really anything new(according to my parents who watched the original version way before I was born.) These things include the memory bread, the invisible cloak and the egg!

I especially like this because not a lot of kids have watched the original version (1969 by Fujiko F. Fujio) which used to be played every sunday :p.


Such a shame, this anime taught so many valuable lessons to its generation and probably none of the kids nowadays watch it.It was so cool to see them come back to life- me and my sisters learned a lot from the 90 minutes. And I’m sure the kids who watched it will too. It might be childish, a simple story of a futuristic who actually had a simple goal to change the future by making Nobita happy.. But that turned out to be a lot more.


Some of the things I learned. 

  • You CAN do the impossible. Come on. Nobita did it! And even if you fail, it’s alright since you did your best. Just try again.


  • You can face up to your fears. Just the way Nobita did with Big G- his ultimate bully.


  • We don’t have Doraemon’s pocket, so we have to do everything by ourselves to meet our desired goals.
  • We can’t change the past. So we do our best to change the future.

 That’s what I learned.

This movie was amazing.

I’m done.

Doraemon Stand By Me (2014)[17-33-21]

^how I felt when the movie ended.



{ whu ? c: }

hi. i’m michelle.

& i’d rather be anything but ordinary (:

(which is why I SPENT AN HOUR FINDING A THEME THAT WASN’T USED BY OTHERS!) yes. despite loving the Eighties theme very much.

I’m pretty random and I guess funny? But deep at some times. I like writing – as weird as it sounds. And I like watching things.


lotsa stuff.

I currently have no idea who I really am. Finding myself. Yes- Everyone’s going through it! Even adults. My ‘About me’ can’t reach 180 words- I’ll be changing from time to time, but I’ll still have the same values.

I get bored of unnecessary things, and sometimes people. Yeah it’s weird I used to be so hooked on Instagram and those popular people but after a while they just kinda made me uninterested. Conversations with people that really has no value like those gossip things really just make me– blegh, Instagram was really fun till the point of almost 2k followers but it took waaaaaay too much time.

So yeah- I get bored of things with no value.

That’s something about me C: